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Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy

Very Involved Parents Program


The MISSION of the NWA Classical Academy VIP Program is to support the needs of the school by fostering excellence in classical education and building a community through VOLUNTEER and FUNDRAISING activities at NWA Classical Academy.


The NWA Classical Academy VIP Program is a team of parents, guardians, faculty, and staff who work together to enhance our students’ education by building relationships in order to:

  • Promote open communication between our school and our parents
  • Encourage student, parent, and administrator/faculty participation at school functions
  • Provide an atmosphere for parental input
  • Raise funds for educational and campus improvement purposes


NWA Classical Academy VIP is open to all parents and focused on our five key areas of improvement:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Teacher Support
  • Student Life

Organizational Structure:

The VIP Program will be overseen by the VIP Steering Committee, which includes the headmaster, assistant headmaster, two faculty/staff members, one elected parent member from each of the five focus areas, and one person at large who is not a member of a focus area.


The VIP Program will meet quarterly. The VIP Steering Committee will meet before each whole group meeting. Focus area meetings will take place as needed, depending on current projects.


Goals are established by the VIP Focus Areas yearly in order to meet the most current needs of the school.

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Steering Committee Members

Susan Provenza

Katie Pan

Bryce Horswell

Denise Thomas (Academics - lower school)

Kelly Roberts (Academics - upper school)

Thomas Scott (Athletics)

Toni Clark (Teacher Support)

Tammy Mostyn (Student Life)

Amber Waltz (Fine Arts)

Kim Enderle (At large member)