Administration & Staff


Susan Provenza, Headmaster

Katherine Pan, Assistant Headmaster

Bryce Horswell, Dean of Upper School

Makayla Brazleton, Business Manager

Ivee Lowry, Campus Receptionist

Lori Kyles, Secretary

School Nurse

Kelli Yamona, RN

7th and 8th

Brittney Barthel, Science

Elly Guensche, English Language Arts

Colby Garr, History

Samantha Thurman, Latin

Cynthia Meeks, Math & Algebra I

Specials Teachers K-12

Debra Dingler, Music K-8

Clay Little, Art K-8

Kelsey McCue, Library/Keyboarding

Mrs. Priest, Orchestra

Don Thames, Music 7th-12th

Darin Wallace, PE

High School

Sarah Anibal: Western Civilization II, Civics, Government

Rachael Armstrong: 7th-12th Electives, Virtual Arkansas, Newspaper

Rebecca Bell: 9th & 11th Literature, AP US History, Moral Philosophy

Thomas Brewer: Geometry, Physical Science, Economics

Alax Fall: Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Bryce Horswell: Western Civilization I, AP World History

Caroline Lee: Latin I, III, IV, AP Latin

Robert Lemming: 7th-12th Art

Lacy Little: College and Career Counselor

Jennifer Martin: High School Literature and Senior Thesis Coordinator

Jeffrey Offord: Physical Science, Physics, Pre-Calculus

Emily Vickers: HS Biology, AP Biology, Environmental Science, Career Orientation, ACT Prep, Health

Christopher Weller: 7th-12th PE, Health

Special Education

Melanie Sassman

Amber Williams


Kathy Saldivar, 504/ESL

Sarah Pomietlo, Speech

Deborah Luper, Library

After School Care

Kathy Lovvorn