Administration & Staff


Susan Provenza, Headmaster

Katherine Pan, Assistant Headmaster

Bryce Horswell, Dean of Upper School Students

Makayla Brazleton, K-12 Registrar

Ivee Lowry, Campus Secretary & Receptionist

Lori Kyles, Accounts Manager / Campus Secretary

School Nurse

Kelli Yamona, RN

5th Grade

Kelli Yeager

7th and 8th

Brittney Barthel, Science

Elly Guensche, English Language Arts

Samantha Thurman, Latin

Cynthia Meeks, Math & Algebra I

Joy Hamer, Math & Special Education / 504

Specials Teachers K-12

Debra Dingler, Music K-8

Clay Little, Art K-8

Kelsey McCue, Library/Keyboarding

Mrs. Priest, Orchestra

Don Thames, Music 7th-12th

Darin Wallace, PE

High School

Sarah Anibal: Western Civilization II, Civics, Government

Rachael Armstrong: 7th-12th Electives, Virtual Arkansas, Newspaper

Thomas Brewer: Geometry, Physical Science, Economics

Alax Fall: Algebra I & II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Bryce Horswell: Western Civilization I, AP World History

Robert Lemming: 7th-12th Art

Lacy Little: College and Career Counselor

Jennifer Martin: High School Literature and Senior Thesis Coordinator

Jeffrey Offord: Physical Science, Physics, Pre-Calculus

Emily Vickers: HS Biology, AP Biology, Environmental Science, Career Orientation, ACT Prep, Health

Christopher Weller: 7th-12th PE, Health

Special Education

Melanie Sassman

Amber Williams


Sarah Pomietlo, Speech

Deborah Luper, Library

After School Care

Kathy Lovvorn